E-alert: Labour Hire Licensing Act (Qld) 2017 – Single employer entity groups beware?

On 8 September 2017, the first scheme to license the labour hire industry in Australia passed through Queensland’s parliament. The scope of the LHL Act [...]

E-alert: Common Law Trespass by Overhanging Crane: Is it Sunnier in Queensland?

A recent decision in the Supreme Court of Victoria concerned a successful injunction application by a neighbour, against an adjoining builder who was trespassing over [...]

E-alert: Costs charged by Resident Manager upheld by Court of Appeal – Body Corporate Management Rights Update

The Queensland Court of Appeal recently ended a long-running saga in which a resident manager of a Gold Coast apartment Complex had been prosecuted through [...]

E-alert: ID Scanners now Compulsory in Queensland – Liquor Licensing Update

On 1 July 2017, new provisions of the Liquor Act commenced which require many licensees to scan the IDs of their patrons who enter the [...]

E-alert: Employment & WHS – Changes to important employment related financial thresholds 2017

Many important employment related monetary thresholds are indexed annually on 1 July. Below is a checklist of some of those changes effective 1 July 2017: [...]

E-alert: Think of the Children: New laws impact the de facto blended family

Recent changes to Queensland’s laws relating to Wills and estates will have significant consequences for de facto couples and their families. The changes give greater [...]

E-alert: Here’s to you, Mr Robinson: Damages awarded for misleading statutory declaration accompanying progress claim

A recent Federal Court of Australia decision is a reminder to individuals to take care when making statutory declarations for progress claims.[1] Background Reed Constructions [...]

E-alert: Crack Down on Developer Compliance with GST Requirements

The Federal Government has introduced a significant measure that will impact residential developers of properties in circumstances where the sale of their stock gives rise [...]

E-alert: Changes to Foreign Resident Withholding Tax

On 9 May 2017, the Federal Government announced substantial changes to the rate and threshold of its Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding (FRCGW) regime which [...]