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E-Alert: Land Act Amendment Receives Parliamentary Assent

By Michael Byrom , Head of Property Services

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An Improved Sublease Dispute Framework

Further to our E-Alert in March 2019, the Natural Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 has received parliamentary assent, and the Land Act was amended on 26 May 2019 on the same terms as detailed in our prior alert.

Notably, the amendment provides a significantly better and more formalised dispute resolution process, including:

  1. the introduction of ‘notices of dispute’ – a pre-mediation means of identifying, clarifying and potentially narrowing the issues in dispute between the parties; and
  2. the introduction of arbitration as an avenue of dispute resolution following unsuccessful mediation.

Going forward, the improved framework for resolving sublease disputes will be a welcome addition for both lessees and sub-lessees alike.

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